Redefining Sobriety: 1:1 Coaching


If you are willing and ready to go deep in your transformation and you want to make accelerated change right now, 1:1 Coaching is for you.

1:1 Coaching is personalized and focused. We dive deep into your goals and dreams, and create an actionable plan for the following 6 months. We then meet every 2 weeks to work out any difficult issues that come up and keep you on track in redefining your sobriety.

1:1 Coaching is ideal for you if you prefer anonymity or privacy to showing up in a group. It allows you to really invest in personalized, individual guidance and support to help your create massive shifts in your life, not only around alcohol but how you show up for yourself and others.

If you feel 1:1 Coaching is for you, I would love to talk with you. Let’s set up a discovery call.

I'm ready to change my relationship to alchohol!


Here’s what six months of working together gets you:

A 90-minute discovery session, where we dive deep into your goals and dreams, and create an actionable plan for the following 6 months.

A 50-minute private coaching session every 2 weeks so that you have strategic support for the entire month and someone to guide you as you navigate different work and social events.

Unlimited email support so that you are never alone and have support no matter the situation.

One 20-minute SOS call per month so that you have extra support in case of a special situation or circumstance.

A private community to connect with other women going through the program, so that you can receive all the added love and understanding that comes from supportive sisterhood.

Oodles of tools such as inspirational information, personal stories and motivating mantras so that you can stay engaged and excited on the daily.

An individualized action plan for whole life healing and health (food, exercise, goal setting, work-life balance, activities, etc.), including concrete steps to take daily and strategies for common triggers so that you can finally make the lasting changes you’ve been seeking in all aspects of your life.

Well defined outcomes and a celebration upon completion of the program so that you can see and feel the positive, lasting impact of the changes you’re making.

Freedom to be yourself as a whole, happy, healthy being and knowing that I am with you every step of the way.

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privately throughout the
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Anonymous, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have tried to make changes in terms of my relationship with alcohol over the years but nothing has ever “stuck” until I joined the Redefining Sobriety Immersion program. I don’t think I ever had the appropriate tools or support during my past attempts and I feel much better equipped to make and maintain changes now. Working with Caitlin 1:1 but also having the support of a group of like-minded, understanding, & non-judgmental individuals in the Redefining Sobriety group has helped immensely. I was not fully aware of just how much I needed that level of support prior to having it! I also feel as though I am building lasting friendships through this program which is a nice bonus.

Heather Wise, MPH

“Caitlin Padgett’s book Drink Less, Be More has transformed the way I think about social drinking. She truly gives all the tools anyone would need to conquer their problematic drinking habits once and for all. This books inspired and supported me to feel my best when out with friends without needing to rely on alcohol. I’ve discovered the confidence to be myself and have even more fun than I ever thought was possible.”


“I contacted Caitlin to work on “changing my relationship to alcohol”. After 1:1 coaching, participation in her on-line private groups of like-minded, supportive, and loving people and attending her in-person retreat in Mexico, I not only changed my relationship to alcohol, I changed my relationship to myself! Caitlin consistently “held up the mirror” so I could see and understand myself and my reasons for wanting to numb my emotions. She taught me about my personality, my mindset, my emotions and that I am enough. By asking the right question at the right time and sharing a vast and varied chest of techniques and rituals, she challenged me to see and release old patterns that no longer serve me, and to learn to love myself enough to take care of my whole self every single day. Although Caitlin specializes in changing your relationship to alcohol, her work is for all people that want to live a more authentic, loving and peaceful life. Her own authenticity, vitality and loving care will help you see yourself and you will grow, transform and thrive.”


“You have helped me tremendously in seeing that the old school AA wasn’t the only answer. I enjoy reading about the tools to use when people ask why I am not drinking when they’re use to the ‘old me.'”  


“What I love about the Redefining Sobriety program is that I am empowered to choose how I define my relationship with alcohol, knowing that the definition of the relationship may also change over time. The ability to make choices on a situation-by-situation basis has made me feel like I’m finally getting my control back. I have enjoyed totally alcohol-free periods, but have also learned that I do have the ability to moderate my alcohol use.”